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"My son passed unexpectedly. Brusie was the funeral home that got the call as they were on rotation and I did not have a preference. Marc Brusie and another gentlemen came to retrieve my son and they were very respectful and accommodating. However, the person who sets this funeral home apart and who made this tragic event bearable, the person who accommodated me and showed me compassion and sensitivity, was Shane Fairman. Shane is one of those guys (not just an employee) that is good to the core. He was patient, kind and went out of his way to accommodate - Every step of the way. My son has since been cremated and Shane continues to show compassion and care. Because of Shane I would recommend Brusies to anyone that has the misfortune to lose a loved one. I would encourage you to specifically ask for Shane Fariman. Brusies is lucky to have such an outstanding employee. Thank you Shane Fairman for holding my hand during the worst moment of my life."


"Unfortunately working with funeral homes is never a happy experience after losing a loved one. Mom's funeral wishes were known for years but when she actually passed away at Twin Oaks Rehab we realized that we hadn't planned the "what now stage". I contacted Dan Rice at Bruise's. He sent a very comforting driver named Shane to collect Mom. The next day my family met with Dan to make arrangements. Our appointment was personalized to our needs and he helped four daughter's arrange a beautiful good-bye to a very deserving Mother. Those at Bruise's Funeral Home were great and I would highly recommend them to others!!"


"Over the last two years my family has experienced tremendous loss, a year and a half ago my brother in-law was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was just 30 years old. Brusie Funeral Home was extremely helpful and compassionate in assisting our family with all the arrangements necessary to orchestrate a beautiful service, allowing us to lay our beloved family member to rest. Just as we began to processes the grief of such a loss, my brother suddenly passed away after a short battle with cancer. He was just 38 years old. Brusie Funeral Home was there to help us once again, plan an exceptional service for my brother. As you may or may not know, funeral services are expensive, but crucial in allowing those left behind the opportunity to say goodbye to those we love. It gives closure to something that at the time seems in comprehensible. Brusie Funeral Home made our experience unique and at the same time effortless. They presented us with each detail and a variety of options, we never felt rushed or like a "customer" in a store. They were compassionate and patient every step of the way. I would recommend Brusie Funeral Home to anyone in need of such a service. They are truly the exception in a business such as theirs."




"With the sudden lose of our 15 year old daughter Brusie funeral home was amazing. From the first to the last. There team was caring and empathetic. I would encourage anyone to take some time to pre-plan with Brusie. Through this tragedy in our lives the planning of services for our daughter was difficult, however Shane's empathy and expertise guided us through the most horrific time in my life. They have many different options to respect individual faiths. My deepest thanks to the team at brusie. May the Grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you."


"Shane was very kind, respectful and helpful with the arrangements for my son."


"The people at Brusie Funeral Home were so kind and helpful when I lost my dad. Shane was with us through the entire process which was important to my family. He came to the house the day my dad passed away, walked us through the process, made arrangements, helped us choose a casket, gently guided us, checked in on us several times, and was present the day of the funeral. You don't realize how important it is to see the same face, and hear the same voice at a time like that. It was such a comfort. He was patient, caring and genuine and we couldn't be happier with the way my dad, and all of us, were treated."


"This funeral home has been used by several people in my family. Among them are my great grandmother and both of my grandparents. Our experience has been great. They take care of everything and we were treated with the upmost respect. It was comforting to know that our loved ones were taken care of."